Does Education Really Affect Income? –

How many times have you thought about going back to school, but then realized you don’t have the time or money? I think just about everyone thinks about furthuring their education, especially when they’re broke and unhappy.  What most of us get stuck on is, will going back to school really make a difference financially in my life? Well, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, it really does.  In 2005, their data showed that people over age 25 who only had a high-school diploma, earned a weekly average wage of $583.  Now this is an average, so depending on the state, company, industry, etc., this number will go up or down.  The interesting part about this number is that if you were to go back and get your associate degree, you’d make a median weekly earnings of $699.  If you went back and got your bachelor’s degree, you’d make an average of $937 a week.  That’s almost twice as much money a week if you have your bachelor’s degree versus just a high-school diploma.  So really, it’s like you’d only have to work one year with a bachelor’s degree or two years with only a high-school diploma, to make the same amount of money.  Think about it and if you want to know more, sign up to receive the free “Get Your Career On!” guide at



  1. Your absolutely right. Excellent information.

  2. Pete Norman said

    I agree that more education a person has the more income they can earn. I’m going to request a guide from and see what they say.

  3. daniel hinojosa said

    where are the highest paying jobs listed on this website?

  4. Vanessa said

    Where do I find the careers that pay the most for the least education. I have a BA in Psychology and get paid poorly and am looking to move to a field that pays better with the least extra training.

  5. Samantha said

    Education is a start but experience is also essential in advancing your career. I don’t have a degree and my income is better than most people I know who has a degree. It is essential to continue to educate yourself either technical and trade schools, or University education. The world is continually changing and you need to change with it. You never stop learning.


    I must agree with daniel where are the high paying jobs listed

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